Abby Windcheater - Graffiti

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The Girl with Swag Clothing lline has been committed to role of strong girls who are true to themselves and grow to be our greatest role models.  Therefore we have named each of our clothing styles after these girls.  Examples include Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart and Nina Simone. 

Of course there are also young heroes amongst us who make their mark early in life, demonstrating strength, resilience and bravery long before most.  It is these unique and beautiful girls that inspire us to live a little bit harder everyday.  This windcheater is named after such a girl who is very close to our heart.  Our little Abby has shown determination and positivity that is sure to defeat any obstacle that comes her way.  Along the way she has been an inspirational friend with an unforgettable beautiful smile.  Abby you are an amazing gorgeous, fighter and we can't wait till you are back with your swag on.  xx

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